Mines and Minerals

Lohardaga district is rich in mineral resources. Lohardaga district is known as bauxite mineral. This bauxite extends to Pakhar, Hisari, Rudhali Pat, Khamar Pat, Gumla and Latehar district also, which goes to the north-west. Lohardaga is known for producing world class bauxite and hence known as Bauxite Town. There are 16 mining leases of Bauxite Mineral. Hindalco Industries Ltd has 07 mining leases out of 9 active mines. The district has approval of mining of approximately 11 lakh tones of bauxite mineral in a year, the bauxite is being supplied to the Muri and Renukut aluminum plant from Lohardaga district, the work of geological exploration in Lohardaga district is also being done by the State Pedology Department and Indian governments institution M.E.C.L. Out of the 16 (sixteen) bauxite mining leases 10 (ten) is inactive and 6 (six) are actives.


Mineral wise Licenses:
Sl. No Mineral No. Leases / Licenses
1 Bauxite 16
2 General Stone 73
3 Bricks Earth 44
4 (Sand) Settled Sites 11
5 (Sand) Unsettled Sites 9

Major Bauxite Lease Holders:

  • M/S Hindalco Industries Ltd.
  • M/S Minerals & Minerals Ltd.